Hiking on the Mookerheide heathland

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  Hike on the Mookerheide

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  Distance of this hike 16 + 16 km
  What kind of hike is this? Railway walk
  Where does the walk start? Station: Cuijk
  What is the rating of this walk? Rating: 88/100
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Vast moors, varied forests, stunning views over the River Maas, rich history: this two-day walk along the wonderful heathland Mookerheide offers it all. The rolling, lush landscape brings you into a French atmosphere. One of the most beautiful walks in the Netherland.

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Devil's Mountain & St. Jansberg

On the border between the Dutch provinces of Brabant and Limburg the Netherlands is not as flat as all foreigners think. You often have to overcome a steep climb, for instance on the Devil's Mountain (Duivelsberg in Dutch) and St. Jansberg. One of the reasons that the Seven Hills Run is organized here.

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Hike on the Mookerheide

River Meuse

You start with a leisurely stroll along the River Meuse. But soon the steep climb to the historic Mookerheide begins. Above the view is beautiful.

Dutch mountains

You descend and climb to the Zevendal, a nice introduction to the province of Limburg. A little further you arrive at a Nature Reserve: St. Jansberg. This Dutch ‘mountain’ was was pushed up by a glacier during the ice age. Through fields and woods you walk to the village of Groesbeek.

Valley of the Philosophers

On day two you will experience some more climbing and descending. You walk along narrow paths through meadows and woods, with heights up to 70 meters (not really alpine hights...). The tour goes through places with illustrious names like: Hell, the Devil's Mountain and the Valley of the Philosophers. Just before Nijmegen you have stunning views of the Ooijpolder. Also the stroll through the wealthy suburbs of Nijmegen is fascinating.

Devil's Mountain

Special mention deserves the Devil's Mountain, which until 1949 has been in German possession, but fell into Dutch hands after border adjustments. The name at the top of the mountain was, according to tradition, a sacrificial place for witches. Now you can eat delicious pancakes on the pretty terrace of the restaurant.

Floral Rugs

In the spring the flowering flora, as in the Valley of the Philosophers), a treat to the eye and nose. Here the cherry & wild apple blossom. Sometimes you pass through floral carpets on the slopes of St. Jansberg and Devil's Peak.


Believe me: the Mookerheide is also nice if it's not in bloom. In mid-August, when the heather blooms, this area really is beautiful. The moorland is quite hilly. In some places, you have beautiful views over the river.

Operations Market Garden and Veritable

Impressive are the many signs that you encounter of the battle that was fought here in World War II. This occurred in the last year of the war in Holland, the decisive battles took place: Operations Market Garden and Veritable.


Led by Field Marshal Montgomery about 300,000 men went into the area of the German Rhine. Thousands of young Canadians and Britons were dropped here by parachute, to fight for freedom.

Sign of civilization

It doesn’t leave you unmoved when you walk across the Canadian cemetery and see the rows of graves and memorial stabbing, which mentions the names of more than 1,000 Britons missing in Northwest Europe. Boys sometimes 19, 20 years from far away, who gave their lives for our freedom. A sign of civilization that this kind of memorial sites is cherished in the Netherlands.

Five beautiful walks

This is one of the walks in a series of five beautiful walks from railway station to railway station. Want to see more?

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