Pen-Y-Gwryd Hotel – Wales – Britain | Review

Pen-Y-Gwryd Hotel – Wales – Britain
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Fleeing the harsh wind and rain in Snowdonia we took a room in the Pen-Y-Gwryd Hotel. Nice hotel, we sayed to each other. Old hotel also: in 1810 it was built at the foot of Snowdon as a mountain farm. Later it was converted into a hostel for travelers.

Old boots

In the bar of the hotel my friends drinked a Guinness, I chose a Snowdonian Ale (great stuff!). Yes, this is a really nice hotel, we sayed to each other: kind service, good crowd, great atmosphere. And on the wall all that old photos of climbers. On the ceiling dangling old boots.


The Facts

  adres 35px Nant Gwynant, Gwynedd, North Wales, LL55 4NT, Great-Britain
  website2 35px
  positief 35px Rich history, really great bar, kind service
  negatief 35px Bit crowded during weekends
  rating 35px 85/100

Most famous hotel of Wales

Slowly we realized that this is not just an average hotel. We seemed to have booked rooms in the most famous hotel of Wales. With this hotel as a basecamp the legendary New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay trained for the first successful ascent of Mount Everest in 1953. Since then, the hotel is a place of pilgrimage for mountaineers and other adventurous people. And for three Dutchies fleeing bad weather.

Rich history

If you feel lonely, then spend a few nights in the Pen-Y-Gwryd. Really everybody does it with everyone at the Pen-Y-Gwryd. And then I mean: chatting. The talk of the day is of course about what you've experienced that day, but the conversation is soon pointed at the rich history of the hotel. When, on the morning of day 3, a friendly English granny asked us: "Did you know this is a véry spécial hotel?", we knew: time to move on.

Price / performance ratio

We paid about 60 euro per person for a room with breakfast, and 30 euro’s for (a great!) dinner. Not really cheap, but compared to other hotels in Britain not to expensive. And the value for money is great. This awesome hotel is a must see and must stay when you’re in Snowdonia.

A hike in Snowdonia

We made some great walks near the Pen-Y-Gwryd. Want to read all about these hikes?

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