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Review Hotel Berga - Spain
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Nice hotel, close to the center of the northern Spanish town of Berga, but away from the crowds. Recommended!

The hotel

The medium-sized family hotel Estel (37 rooms) is located on a beautiful avenue with palm trees. Quite a lot of traffic on that beautiful road. But it didn’t really bother me. The reception in the pleasant lobby is extremely warm and friendly.


The Facts

  adres 35px Carretera Sant Fruitós, 39, 08600 Berga
  website2 35px
  positief 35px Spacious room, bathroom, good beds, above average breakfast
  negatief 35px Noise from the road
  rating 35px 75/100

The hotel room

After a devastating hike I stumbled into my hotel room. And at once I felt an immediate sense of happiness. Such luxury suddenly. What a spacious, clean and cool room! And what a lovely big bathroom! I plopped down on one of the two beds: super mattresses.

Well, later, when I was a little more relaxed and my thirst quenched, I definitely saw some flaws. The bath and shower were a little damaged, but still they did what they had to do: wash dirt and exhaustion off me. And during the daytime the road is a little noisy, but overall: lovely hotel.

The breakfast

Breakfast in Spain often is quite disappointing. Some lost pieces of bread, a glass of fake orange juice, a few tubs of cheap jam and a splash not too tasty coffee. Hotel Estel takes a different approach: the breakfast is for Spanish terms luxury, with quite a few choices and great coffee from a real espresso machine. Breakfast is not included in the price.

Price / performance ratio

I paid 41 euros for the room and 7 euros for the breakfast. More than value for my money. And those super friendly smiles from the staff, they were completely free of charge (I’m Dutch, so everything that’s free immediately puts a smile on my face...).

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