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Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress near the German city of Koblenz, I had never heard of it. It came on my path during a walk along the Rhine (Rheinsteig). The magnificent fortress is situated just across the Rhine. It’s a great place to visit for a few hours.

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Why should you visit Ehrenbreitstein Fortress?

Normally I'm not that keen on visiting castles or fortresses. I love them from a distance, but up close they are often not much more than a collection of thick walls. Maybe my imagination is lacking, but I get bored easily.

Not with Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, I've spent 2 hours looking around, astonished of so much beauty and history. The fortress is extensive, and you can also enjoy astonishing views of the Rhine and Moselle. The fortress is situated opposite the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle, on a steep rock, 118 metres above the Rhine.

Recent archaeological findings prove an ancient settlement on this spot from pre-Christian times. 
The Conradiner Ehrenbert had the Castle built around 1000 AD. From this time on, the Castle changed hand's many times, and even was destroyed by the French in 1801.

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress as it is today was built around 1828. It’s one of the strongest and most powerful fortresses of Europe.

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How do you get to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress?

From the inner city of Koblenz you can walk across a long bridge to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. But much more fun: take the 'Seilbahn', the cable car over the Rhine. Spectacular trip with magnificent views.

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