Hiking is not sexy

Hiking is not sexy

Hiking is not a sexy thing. For example, the walking outfit doesn't make you fantasize about wild nights. Backpacks and Nordic walking sticks are just about the least exciting accessories that you can imagine. And if you ever find a walking group in your path, your first thoughts will be about Prozac instead of Love Potion No. 1 (hope I don't offend anyone?).

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Similarities between hiking and sex

Still, it's weird, because there are quite a few similarities between walking and sex. Maybe it's just me, but I can get very excited when I walk along intimate winding paths through dense forests. Or is this more than you need to know?

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Blissful feeling

Another one: when I meet deers or wild boars while hiking, my heart beats faster and tickles a blissful feeling deep in my gut. Is this a shocking confession?

Peaks & valleys

And let's face it: great walking brings you completely in the present, you feel free, you get into a flow. And afterwards you feel completely relaxed. I think: Sex! Sex! Sex! Not to mention hiking in the mountains, all that peaks and valleys, say no more.

Still, walking is not sexy. Five reasons why that is the case. You’re welcome to give your opinion (at the bottom, wink wink).

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Wandelkleding is niet sexyWalking clothing should be practical. And the used materials must take a beating, and preferably are water- and dirt-repellent. I have no problems with that. But of course it's not exactly exciting lingerie.

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Wandelgroepen zijn niet sexyI am not a walking group hiker. I am not a group person at all, and hiking groups I find quite depressing. When I meet walking groups on my path, my juices stop flowing at once. Sorry if I offend someone, it's nothing personal, it is most certainly my problem.

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NaaktwandelenFor walking, they are a must have: backpacks. But let's face it: backpacks are a big turn off. Never, I repeat never ever go on a first date wearing a backpack. A bigger turn off is unthinkable. And please also leave your Nordic walking sticks at home in the umbrella stand.

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Naaktwandelen schijnt ook in de Alpen hot te zijnA special segment within walking is hiking in the nude. I admit, a niche, and personally I know no one who practices this sport. Thank God for that. But still there are quite a few people who have this hobby. Here two things come together that seem contradictory: when you see a naked person, thoughts about sex are not far away, and when you see a hiker, sex is the last thing that pops up.

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Wandelen zelf is niet sexyWhat is sexy and what not, is, of course, entirely personal. But if you ask hundred persons what's sexier: walking or the Olympic hundred-meter sprint, I know the answer. Some hikers, try to upgrade walking by saying that what they do is a Sport. Well I have to stop now, because I’m getting too excited!


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