Great hike in Salland with a bonus: Nijenhuis Castle

The sculpture garden at Nijenhuis Castle

Made a great hike in Salland, in the Dutch province of Overijssel. Where in the Netherlands you can still experience something valuable as... silence? In Salland, in the eastern part of the Netherlands, it’s possible. The beautiful area between the villages of Wijhe and Heino is really inviting for walkers like me.

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Farmland & Eco-pigs

On this hike I cross farmland along watercourses. Fosses with reeds, frogs jump away in front of me. Free-range cows and Eco-pigs are waiting for me. And suddenly I run across an impressive beech avenue to the beautiful castle of Nijenhuis. It has a fascinating sculpture garden and the castle houses quite a beautiful museum: De Fundatie (The Fundament in English).

Spectacular walk?

Lots of animals I encounter, but not a single hiker on this sunny Friday. Even on Sundays, it is very quiet here, so I read in comments on this walk. It’s not a very spectacular hike. Fields and meadows, intersected by little streams, quiet asphalt roads and endless rows of trees. And the farming villages Heino and Wijhe are not exactly idyllic. But that silence, thát is quite spectacular. My stress simply disappears.

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Nijenhuis Castle & Museum De Fundatie

The last part of the walk leads through estate 't Nijenhuis with its beautiful castle. With its awesome sculpture garden and great art collection this is the highlight of the walk. The castle itself (1685) is also quite something. It is one of the best preserved manors in Overijssel. For exhibitions and opening times:

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